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The UK eye care sector... talent and trends 2018?

FMC Meditech Eye Care – UK Talent Report 2018

2017 saw some big changes in the UK Eye Care technology sector. 2018 promises to be a year of innovation, growth and fantastic opportunities for top technical and sales talent.

In our 2018 market research report, we have collected current salary trends for sales individuals, identified the leading manufacturers to work for, and brought you the current trends and developments to watch out for.


What will you learn?

  • What skills are most sought-after?
  • The average salary for a eye care sales professionals
  • How much you could earn in a leadership position
  • What areas are the hottest for specialisation in 2018?

This week’s star meditech job...

Product Support Specialist

£26,000 - £29,000 – UK South

Do you have experience of supporting products in a surgical setting? Do you want to work with ground-breaking, cutting-edge equipment?

As a Product Support Specialist you will be responsible for assisting and training hospital staff with the use of equipment, whilst providing day-to-day management of the products.

UK South

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“Remember... for reasons of confidentiality we only publish some of the meditech jobs we're promoting on our website. It really pays to send us your CV. Then my team can match you with suitable medical technology opportunities as soon as they come in.”

Ryan Luckman, Associate Director and Team Leader, FMC Meditech

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Meditech Field Service Engineers... what's the going rate?

FMC Meditech UK Salary Report 2017
Medical Device Field Service Engineers

Great Field Service Engineers are always in hot demand, and the medical devices sector is a healthy place to nurture a service career.

In this this exclusive research report we analysed data collected from the previous 12 months across the UK in medical technology market sectors to discover top, bottom and average pay rates... and more.

What more will you learn?

  • What will a starter earn in Field Service Engineering?
  • What's the average salary for a meditech FSR at your level?
  • How much can you earn in management or leadership?
  • What meditech device specialisms offer the greatest earning potential?

Medical device sales – read our remuneration round-up for 2018...

FMC Meditech UK Salary Report 2018
Medical Device Sales

We work on hundreds of roles every year, recruiting specialised staff to fill sales and leadership roles in meditech sectors such as hospital systems, surgical instruments, surgical devices and diagnostics.

To compile this exclusive remuneration report we analysed data collected from the previous 6 months across the UK in these medical tchnology markets.

What more will you learn?

  • How many meditech sales roles include company cars?
  • What's the average salary for a meditech job at my level?
  • How much bonus is typical in medical technology sales?
  • What meditech sectors offer the greatest earning potential?


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