Medical Device Sales Salary Report 2022 | UK and Europe

FMC Meditech – Medical Device Sales Salary Report – UK and Europe 2022

This year has seen innovation on a huge scale in the medical device space. Because of this, companies are growing their teams and want the best talent in place to help them reach their goals. But what attracts candidates to one employer over another? And what should companies be paying their sales people?

We've mapped the medical devices space in the UK and EU, speaking to hundreds of connections about the current talent landscape, to create this report.

Whether you're interested in finding out how your salary stacks up to the market average, or you want to know how to attract top candidates, download the report

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FMC Meditech | Service Engineering Report 2022 | Medical Imaging

FMC Meditech – Service Engineers – Medcal Imaging – UK Talent Report 2022

The medical imaging space continues to be at the cutting-edge of technological development. Service Engineers are at the heart of the market’s success – from ensuring uptime to undertaking preventative maintenance, they enable clinical teams get the most out of pioneering products.

With several market leading companies offering strong progression and development opportunities, there’s little wonder the sector is so attractive to Service Engineer candidates. So what makes Service Engineers move roles? And what salaries can they demand in the sector right now?

Download the report for our insight into salaries, skills, top motivators and competition for Service Engineers in the medical imaging market.

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FMC Meditech | Eye Care | UK Talent Report 2022

FMC Meditech – Eye Care – UK Talent Report 2022

The world of eye care is one to watch. With patients returning to hospitals for treatments and a surge in new innovative technologies and solutions, 2022 has seen a boom in post-pandemic recruitment within the sector.

Companies want to secure the best talent to push forward new product launches and reach their growth plans. What pulls candidates to work with brands in the eye care landscape? And which skills are employers now seeking in a post-pandemic market?

Download the report for our insight into salaries, skills, motivators to move and key recruitment trends within the eye care space.

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Salary benchmarking – a case study

If the remuneration package isn't right you could be facing the expense of losing key personnel, and the additional costs and delays associated with hiring new staff.

FMC Meditech recently completed a Salary Benchmarking project for a client in the orthopaedic and wound management markets which meant that they retained a key staff member and, in a follow-up project, they filled their recruitment pipeline with fully profiled and assessed candidates.

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Ryan Luckman is now an Associate DIrector of FMC Global Talent, and the team leader of FMC Meditech and FMC Scientific Tech. His journey up through the ranks is typical of how hard work and talent get rewarded round here.

This case study tells you more about Ryan's career progression, and we hope will inspire talented individuals to consider a career working here. We're always looking out for talent!

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